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Iron Fist

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  • This album is truly awesome. This was the last of the “Fast Eddie” era but not the last of the awesome Motorhead albums. This albums plays great from start to finish, great lyrics, awesome rockin fun riffs, great vox and killer musicanship. Motorhead need to teach todays bands how it’s done, music today save new Motorhead and other metal/rock god’s albums is manufactured garbage.

    Posted on December 8, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Motorhead was riding a career high in the momentum gained from their live `No Sleep `Til Hammersmith’ opus. However they were never able to truly become the mega-act that their talent and notoriety deserved and the seeds of the slow decline were to be found in the follow-up to `No Sleep’; `Iron First’ which was released in the spring of 1982. Though not a bad record, in fact it was a very good one, but not on a par with the previous four. Many of the songs sound like inferior remakes of songs from earlier albums, especially the filler and there seems to be a fair share of it on `Iron Fist’. There just doesn’t seem to be much distinction between the songs which admittedly was never a strong suite for Motorhead to begin with. The title track which is undoubtedly a classic Motorhead song can be seen as a rewrite of “Ace of Spades”, THE Motoranthem! “Heart of Stone”, “Don’t Need Religion”, “Sex & Outrage” and “Don’t Let `Em Grind You Down” round up the better songs from a tired record but one that will still deliver the goods for trademark thrash. Unfortunately `Iron Fist’ marked the end of the classic Motorhead lineup as Fast Eddie Clarke, the co-producer of this LP, would leave the band, and Motorhead would never be the same.

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Iron Fist is the closing chapter in one phase of Motorhead’s history. It marks the last album with Fast Eddie (who also produced this one), and a lot of fans, even Lemmy himself, have said they don’t care much for this album. Personally I don’t understand why there are complaints. Perhaps it’s frowned upon because it was the end of an era. Maybe because of the environment in which it was recorded- turmoil, fights, management issues, band member issues, increased drug use, musical differences, and trying to follow up their most successful album yet in Ace of Spades- maybe all of that makes it a bad memory for Lemmy.

    It could be because Iron Fist was the first Motorhead song I ever heard back in 1982 (and it’s still my favorite song) but I absolutely love this CD and consider it the band’s 2nd best studio effort behind Over Kill. This album rocks and contains many classics in the Motorhead arsenal. I highly recommend checking out this fairly unpopular release and decide for yourself if it is essential M’Head. I think it is!

    Highlights: title track, Heart of Stone, Sex & Outrage, America, Speedfreak

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Motorhead are a rock and roll legend. From their bruising beginnings to current status as hard rockin’ Godfathers, Lemmy and company have stayed true to their roots and have prospered at least well enough to stay on the road and make albums.
    The first Motorhead incarnation remains, to many, the classic line-up with Lemmy Kilmister on bass and (ahem) vocals, Philthy Animal Taylor on drums and Fast Eddie Clarke on guitars. Fast Eddie is the key ingredient to the classic crash and burn Motorhead sound that gave us the immortal “Ace Of Spades” and earlier platters like “Overkill” and “Bomber”. Clarke’s style, a thick blues and riff heavy attack gave Motorhead their distinctive hooks, much needed amid the bombast.
    “Iron Fist”, Clarke’s last effort with the band, followed on the heels of “No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith”, the classic live album. Following this album was no easy task, but thanks to Clarke’s slightly cleaner production, “Iron Fist” is a classic. My edition includes live performances on a second CD.
    The hooks and humor are there, including “I’m The Doctor”, “I’m A Loser” and “Don’t Need Religion”, a topic near and dear to Kilmister’s heart.
    “Iron Fist” may pale a little in the shadow of “Ace Of Spades”, but then again, nobody could top that outing. A fine effort from a great rock and roll band.

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve seen very mixed reviews on this album so I decided to speak up. Some claim that this is just a very mediocre album while others put in on an altar. I chose the latter. This album is not good…it is EXTREMELY good. Too good for its own good (the band has had trouble in making such a consistent album ever since). IRON FIST was produced by MOTORHEAD guitarist Fast Eddie Clark, thus the guitar sounds here in are polished but remain loud and raw. Same goes for Lemmy’s bass. Just check the intro for the title song. When I heard it, I though I was hearing a “guitar”!!! And Phil’s drumming is at its most intense. On latter period albums like “1916″ or “Rock ‘n Roll” he has yet to match the intensity of his drumming on IRON FIST. It seems to me that MOTORHEAD were paying close attention to the bands they helped spawned at the time. GBH, DISCHARGE, EXPLOITED, although decidely punk bands, had a VERY close sound to MOTORHEAD. They also played fast and noisy but lacked the solos. I Think IRON FIST was a response to that and it’s the reason why this album remains probably their fastest to date. The songs themselves are extremely catchy and memorable and the lyrics are, as always, phenomemnal. From the angry sneer of “Don’t let’em grind ya down” to the vengeful, “Heart of Stone” to the hardcore freight train of “Sex And Outrage”, IRON FIST is a consitent album through and through. This especial edition CD features some interesting b-sides that are musts for all MOTORHEAD fans.
    This was one of the very first heavy metal album’s I’ve ever heard and who would’ve known that this band was the blueprint for dozens of hardcore punk bands around the world?!?! Exceptional album. Go buy it RIGHT NOW!!!

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now