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Iron Fist

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  • I’ve seen very mixed reviews on this album so I decided to speak up. Some claim that this is just a very mediocre album while others put in on an altar. I chose the latter. This album is not good…it is EXTREMELY good. Too good for its own good (the band has had trouble in making such a consistent album ever since). IRON FIST was produced by MOTORHEAD guitarist Fast Eddie Clark, thus the guitar sounds here in are polished but remain loud and raw. Same goes for Lemmy’s bass. Just check the intro for the title song. When I heard it, I though I was hearing a “guitar”!!! And Phil’s drumming is at its most intense. On latter period albums like “1916″ or “Rock ‘n Roll” he has yet to match the intensity of his drumming on IRON FIST. It seems to me that MOTORHEAD were paying close attention to the bands they helped spawned at the time. GBH, DISCHARGE, EXPLOITED, although decidely punk bands, had a VERY close sound to MOTORHEAD. They also played fast and noisy but lacked the solos. I Think IRON FIST was a response to that and it’s the reason why this album remains probably their fastest to date. The songs themselves are extremely catchy and memorable and the lyrics are, as always, phenomemnal. From the angry sneer of “Don’t let’em grind ya down” to the vengeful, “Heart of Stone” to the hardcore freight train of “Sex And Outrage”, IRON FIST is a consitent album through and through. This especial edition CD features some interesting b-sides that are musts for all MOTORHEAD fans.
    This was one of the very first heavy metal album’s I’ve ever heard and who would’ve known that this band was the blueprint for dozens of hardcore punk bands around the world?!?! Exceptional album. Go buy it RIGHT NOW!!!

    Posted on December 7, 2009