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Iron Maiden: Live After Death (Two-Disc Set)

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  • This video essentially captures a very refined selection of their first (commonly thought) heavier albums. The album is produced by the legendary producer Martin Birch who a.o. engineered Deep Purple’s Made in Japan.I personally think that Somewhere/Seventh Son was the first peak of their career, Brave New World being the 2nd, for most Maiden fans, LaD has all the old beloved songs, performed almost perfectly, and in one of my favorite Maiden themes: ancient Egypt. The list of musicianship awards that this album received would be longer than the Chinese Wall I guess.I had the chance of owning the original 2-LP version of the album back in the days but there are many versions of it: 1cd, 2cd, 1cd+bonus, vhs, etc. The video is one of the better versions of the album. Alas, as in most Maiden videos, we don’t get to see Nicko’s “the world’s fastest right foot”.Here is the corrected setlist:1 Churchill’s Speech2 Aces High3 2 Minutes to Midnight4 The Trooper5 Revelations6 Flight of Icarus7 Rime of the Ancient Mariner8 Powerslave9 The Number of the Beast10 Hallowed Be Thy Name11 Iron Maiden12 Band Introduction13 Run to the Hills 14 Running Free15 SanctuaryThis album deserves the title of being _THE_ live album, having withstood the test of time, without any single doubt. Though I know many fine concerts (Fates Warning – Still Life, Ozric Tentacles – Live Underslunky, Rush – Exit Stage Left/Show of Hands, etc.) this video wins hands down. And after all, put everything aside, it’s not easy to play in front of a few hundreds of thousands of people, is it?

    Posted on March 8, 2010