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Iron Maiden - Rock In Rio (2DVD)

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  • Iron Maiden and AC/DC are my favorite bands. When AC/DC’s “Stiff Upper Lip” DVD came out, I borrowed it from a friend. The quality of the audio and video was excellent but I was disappointed with the video editing. Using a gazillion cameras, the video jumped from camera to camera barely resting on any one artist for a few seconds. After watching for 30 mts, I got a headache and swore never to buy this DVD.

    When I saw Maiden’s “Rock in Rio”, I was hoping that the video editing would be better but I was disappointed. It is worse! I got a headache watching the DVD within 10 minutes and it wasn’t from the loud music, it was from the trigger happy STEVEditor
    who seemed to be playing drums on the button which switched between camera feeds (Maybe NICKO really did the editing!)

    Its unfortunate when multiple cameras are used to make the user dizzy. I don’t understand why the editor cannot focus on an artist for more than a second or two. If I went for a live concert of Maiden’s (and I did), I wouldn’t be whipping my head round and round trying to look at every artist at the same time.

    Want to see better editing? Watch King Crimson’s VRROOOM DVD. They have used multiple cameras to give the user multiple viewing angles with each angle (mostly) focusing on a different artist. No headaches here and very sensible editing.

    Rock on Maiden, you are still my favorite band. I just won’t buy your DVDs :-)

    Posted on January 26, 2010