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Iron Maiden - Rock In Rio (2DVD)

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  • January 19, 2001 marked perhaps the highest point in Iron Maiden’s career. It was approximately 25 years before this date that Steve Harris, Dave Murray and a plethora of their early members were gigging all around the East End and throughout their hometown with ambitions to be on top of the world. On that day in January, they triumphed over ambition as one of the headliners at the Rock in Rio festival, playing before 250,000 people. This DVD isn’t just a live concert; it’s a part of Heavy Metal history.Iron Maiden has always been known for their over-the-top performances and this DVD definitely captures the best of the best. Every member puts everything they have into playing the music. Disc One of the set is the actual live show, edited and mastered by Steve Harris himself. Disc Two is some bonus footage including interviews, a photo gallery, web site links and a portion entitled ‘A Day In The Life’. The last of which I believe can also be found on the Rock In Rio double album. Disc One. The quality is very good. It’s clean and crisp. I didn’t find any problems with it at all. Obviously, if you’ve heard the double CD, you’ll know what the sound quality is. However, you experience the full effect of the music and the show, you should probably have two speakers on your TV. With just one, some of the sound is lost (in my case, all of Janick’s guitar parts aren’t heard). I don’t know if it’s the DVD but do yourself a favor anyway.The footage itself is amazing, in my opinion. Shot from a series of different cameras, Steve Harris viewed all of it and spliced it all down to create the two hours of footage seen. I think he did a fantastic job covering every aspect of the stage that night while still capturing the essence of the band’s live performance (I have read some pretty poor reviews about the editing work, however). Every member is in top form (especially Bruce) as they command the stage, running from place to place, plowing through the classics. The stage set up is great, the lighting is good and the camera work is great. Overall, an awesome and entertaining viewing of the band’s stellar live show.Disc Two. The second disc starts off with the interviews. Each member is interviewed while showing what they do on their time away from touring, writing and recording. It gives a little insight into how heavy metal stars enjoy normal things just like anyone else. While some of it is somewhat comical, the rest of it is pretty informative as to how each member lives, how they got their start in music and a little bit about how they view on the band in the present. The second part is the ‘A Day In The Life’ portion, which shows the band’s day up to and after the Rock In Rio performance. Press conferences, their arrival, preparing for their performance and the parties afterward. Entertaining and comical, at times. Not much else can be said. Third is the Photo Gallery of the band with commentary on each picture by Ross Halfin. Some cool pictures and some good information. The last two items on the disc are the credits and some website links.January 19, 2001 marked perhaps the highest point in Iron Maiden’s career. The essence of their live shows was put into overdrive that night as they performed for their biggest headlining crowd to date. That performance, all the power, energy, anguish, ability and excitement, can be found here on this DVD. I recommend this to any die-hard Maiden fans as well as anyone who has never seen the band perform live before. Anyone who wasn’t satisfied with the Rock In Rio CD might be turned off by the music but the performance is sheer excellence. Definitely buy this.

    Posted on January 26, 2010