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Iron Maiden - Rock In Rio (2DVD)

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  • Very long time Maiden fan posting. Like a lot of the reviewers here, I lost interest in Maiden after the Live after Death/Somewhere in Time period. Honestly, it was more of my life/priorities changing, than Maidens music. Does this DVD ever prove that point. I’m still shocked/stoked at how GREAT this DVD is ! I can’t figure out what took me so long to pick it up. Maybe it was the low expectations I had regarding song titles I wasn’t familiar with … or the reviews regarding the camera angles/changes. Whatever it was disappeared the second Adrian hits the first chords of Wicker Man … actually the build up to that point gives you goosebumps. There ARE a TON of camera changes, and yeah as a guitarist, I would have liked to have seen a little more solo sections shown longer up close … but Harris didn’t totally blow it with the rapid changes ( he really should have toned it a bit down though ). The changes keep you as a viewer constantly absorbed in each song. Seeing, and most importantly capturing the energy of all the band members at any given time is damn hard to display over a tv screen. Even seeing them live with the whole spectacle you miss a lot … ESPECIALLY with a stage that big. I never thought I’d see a Maiden production to rival Live after Death, and although the stage set up was better in 85, this production with all the camera angles exceeds it for the viewer. I saw Maiden up close in 85 at Long Beach Arena when they filmed and recorded Live after Death. I also saw them sitting further back for the Somewhere in Time tour at Irvine Meadows. Up close, you have a limited view … turn your head to see one thing, and you miss a couple others. Far back, you see the stage/light show better, but a bunch of ants running around the stage. I think Harris realized this too … it’s spooky how well this dvd conveys the energy a Maiden show produces. Remember, theres 6 guys to cover ( actually Janick Gers moves so much he should count for two ), PLUS the 250,000 fans going beserk singing and clapping along the ENTIRE time. THOSE are fans ! The real treat for me was hearing newer Maiden material and feeling as if I just discovered some lost classic album. Although I would have loved to have seen more “jurassic” classics like Phantom of the Opera or Killers performed, I tell you what … Sign of the Cross and Clansman just rip your head off. I’d never heard those songs before, and they came across as instant classics. I didn’t intend to be long winded here, but it seems the excitement Maiden conveys in their shows is contageous … even after all these years. Buy this DVD, and if you don’t like it, I’ll buy it from you since I know Im going to wear out my current one. Watching this takes me back to Long Beach Arena in 85 … Scream for me Brazil !

    p.s. the 2nd DVD is pretty cool in showing the various band members doing what they love to do on days off. The Janick Gers segment is especially well done. I knew nothing of the man, since I basically stopped following Maiden once he joined … his attitude and positive views on life and Maiden show why they are even stronger today than they ever were

    Posted on January 26, 2010