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  • Amazing, as expected. This thing needs more reviews! I was sort of hoping for this progressive procession coming from “Below the Lights”, which is also an amazing progressive-black metal masterpiece. “Isa” being slightly different from “Below…” has still taken a step forward in a progressive sense. It’s hard to imagine that this bleak repetitive genre (black metal-which is what it’s known & loved for) can be hypnotic and droning, yet this album still provide the listener with a sense of “moving forward”. I don’t know of any other band off the top of my head who can pull that off. Enslaved defintely have this style signatured, and props to them for that!

    Other notes: Abbath and Nocturno Culto appear on this album to lay down some raunchy vocals! Sounds great. Keyboards weave in and out of the foreground during most of the songs, bringing you in and out of vision (what you’re concentrating on in the song). One second you’re focusing on the guitars, then the astral atmosphere carries you away from it, then back in. Extremely well recorded and produced. Bleak AND Progressive…chew on that for a while. Then go buy this album.

    Posted on February 7, 2010