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  • ARE YOU READY! This cd will please most Korn fans, and it did please me. I thought that it was closer to the older cd’s of Korn(which where way better! ) Yes they are trying to develop new sounds and more beats, but we as fans would like just a few more songs that are heavy like, blind, faget, and clown. I personally would like more songs that are funny and extremely emotional(the new cd was close on the emotional part!) like Good God, A.D.I.D.A.S, and Shoots and ladders. We all like the new beat that Issues created but it needs to have a few more songs that are more like the old Korn that we love.Deffinitly buy this CD because it is a good CD, the only problem is that Korn could make the CD’s great, by adding a few more “old style” songs! Also buy the CD because it is Korn! Korn will also be on the top!

    Posted on February 28, 2010