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  • awesome. every newer nile release just makes me DROOL. i loved “annihilation of the wicked”, but “ithyphallic” just TURNS ME ON (no, not in a fetish/homosexual way, but in a musical way).

    “what may be safely written” opens up the cd with brutal, blisteringly fast riffs after a nice little overture in the beginning of the song.

    the next three tracks continue the sheer insanity of the intricately written guitar parts, speedily precise drumming, and growled vocals. each one sounds different and more memorable than the last.

    “eat of the dead” and “the inifinity of stone” slow it down and give you a breather, but not for long! because in between each song and after them, there are MORE AWESOME SONGS with the same great material that somehow fails to get boring each time i listen to it.

    i loved nile the first time i heard them in 2006, but ithyphallic doesn’t disappoint; it just adds more to nile’s spot in “awesome death metal bands.”

    Posted on February 20, 2010