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  • For Nile, 2007 brought a new year, new record label (Nuclear Blast), and a new album! (picking up Nile is the smartest thing Nuclear Blast has done since signing Death nearly a decade ago). This is a monster of a cd. Tech Death masterpiece, you might say. The best tech death album since Cryptopsy’s ‘Once Was Not’ back in 05′. Karl and Dallas (guitars) are at their best here. Still unbelievable. George Kollias…where do I start with this guy…inhuman would describe it. His performance here solidifies him as one of the most impressive (and fastest) drummers i’ve ever heard. This is definetly Nile’s best album to date. Best production, songs, and artwork. Must listen for metalheads.
    an easy 5/5
    As he creates, so he destroys…..

    Posted on February 20, 2010