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It's Nothing Personal

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  • i was never a big fan of Bury your dead until I got to see them live and hear some of this new album. After leaving the show I rushed home and purchased it lol. the previous albums I could never get into due to the constant screaming, to some that is awesome but I am more into a scream/ actual singing style such as mudvayne or korn. It’s hard to explain but if you do get me on this, and are looking for an awesome cd from a great band then definitely pick this up. (i think its a good band/cd now that they have this new lead singer.)

    Posted on November 13, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Back in 2004 when cover your tracks was released this band had as much potential as anybody then beauty and the breakdown was released not the same as tracks but still very heavy, it was Bury your dead! you can tell they had a distinct sound and bruso’s vocals made you aware of this band after his departure the band went south and now they have just fallen into the same world as the killswitch’s and all those other bands that were once worthy of going out and seeing and moshing too now they just write songs for 15 year old girls!, sappy love songs with some chugging and no breakdowns it’s severely depressing to watch these once great bands go down that road we dont want them going like maybe one day hearing them on a twilight soundtrack because that’s exactly where they are headed!

    Posted on November 13, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Well it’s pretty fair to say that the reviews that others have given this album are quite mixed. I see alot of people have made mention to thier deteriorating style, and thier slow transition into a more melodic metal band. For me, personally, I dont mind this album at all, I think it has it’s moments, and although I am a huge fan of their earlier releases, I still think this album does ok.

    To begin with, i’m sure alot of people have judged this album quite harshly. We mustn’t forget that this album followed their self-titled release, which is in my opinion (and many, many others) as their best release to date, followed closely by “Beauty and the Breakdown”. These are two mammoth releases which followed each other consecutively. For a band of the same calibre to top the quality dished out on these two albums would not be unheard of, but quite rare. I believe the biggest turning point is the new vocalist. Myke Terry proved that he was a good replacement after the departure of Matty Bruso. Terry proved in the self-titled release that he could mix it with the big boys in the metalcore scene with his remarkable intensity, although it would appear he has weakened a grade for this release.

    Im not making a reference to his use of clean vocals, in fact, im all for the vocalist using cleean vocals in cooperation with screams and growls, as it shows the spectrum of talent that the vocalist posesses. His clean vocals create catchy choruses for many of the tracks, and in an ever-growing metalcore scene, this is essential as it makes the tracks more memorable puts them a cut above the rest. Clean vocals aside, i believe Terry’s screaming and growling in this release were, to say the least, pathetic. In the track “Broken Body” he uses distortion to make his growls seem more surreal. Most vocalists dont need this as thier voice is enough, though, BYD have tried to add intensity to an ordinary scream, and it has backfired tremendously. Then we have the tracks “Legacy Of Ashes” and “The Great Demonizer” where Terry displays two completely different styles of screaming, far from similar to anything displayed on this album. I’m all for diversity, but not when it comes to scream styles. The screams and growls can be the signiature sound of the band, the way we can recognise them from the others, and here he has destroyed their originality by doing something completely unorthodox, and not benefitting at all.

    So i have to give this release 3 stars, despite my disappointment with the vocals. Instrumentally, BYD have become more intense and explosive, but in return have traded in thier ruthlessness for a more melodic sound. I dont mind melodic bands in the metalcore scene, although it has to be executed well, BYD havn’t done that in this release. 3 stars because it is catchy, intense and explosive at times, yet at the same time, I give it 3 stars because they have slipped into mediocrity with this release, and in my opinion, are more towards the lower end of the scale of this mediocrity. A slight disappointment from a band who once showed they were greats of the metalcore genre, now, they are the …grapes of the genre.

    Posted on November 12, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album is the perfect example of good musicians writing the wrong kind of music. There’s a serious case of identity crisis in “It’s Nothing Personal.” One minute you have catchy singing with a decent tune, and the next you hear Slipknot-like screaming thrown into a horribly placed breakdown.

    I agree with the other reviewers that don’t like this album. Being a long time fan of this band, I really wanted to like it. But sadly I just can’t bring myself to do so.

    The album is titled “It’s Nothing Personal”, but should really be called “It’s Nothing New” because everyone’s heard this kind of music in every Hot Topic store at their local mall. While I don’t necessarily enjoy the singing in this album 100%, I can’t say that it sounds bad. Quite the opposite. I like Myke’s voice, but it brings me back to the identity crisis point I brought up. You can tell that the vocalist is desperately trying to convey meaningful emotion through his lyrics and singing. Unfortunately, it becomes old after the second song.

    This isn’t BYD. This is Sevendust with breakdowns.

    Posted on November 12, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I usually refrain from giving negative reviews because it’s too easy to say when something is no good, and I’ve already given my opinion of this record especially to the whiners who hold it in high regard (though I simply fail to see why), but I’m gonna have to say f*** it! The Beauty And The Breakdown and self-titled albums were the best albums in the band’s discography. So why did they put out this weaker album in such a short amount of time (just a little over a year after the last one)? To get it out so they could tour? To clear out their memory banks and try to focus on stronger material? It isn’t known, but something I have noticed from other people are the comparisons to other bands, ones that are far better and have put out better music than anything on this album. Killswitch Engage? Helmet? Bury Your Dead’s earlier stuff may have had small elements, but nothing on this album sounds like anything these bands have put out. It sounds like a weaker copy of Sevendust, and I like Sevendust. However, if I wanted to hear something from Sevendust, I’d put in a cd with the name Sevendust on it. Anybody that’ll want to claim that I haven’t listened to this album, I’ll tell you right now that I’ve heard over half of it which is enough to give a fair judgment. Let me also get one thing straight for some that have said to get over Mat Bruso’s departure: yes, Mat Bruso is out of the band. I’m pretty aware of it, and I’ve been over it since the day I first listened to the self-titled record. Myke Terry is a great singer, and his use of clean vocals on a few of the songs on the self-titled album brought a Fear Factory vibe to the sound. His contribution to It’s Nothing Personal doesn’t have a big impact on why I don’t care for the album, it’s the music overall. Bury Your Dead is a hardcore metal band, this album is not. It’s safe to say according to the reviews posted on here that opinions for this album are pretty mixed. For those that liked the album: listen to it, enjoy it. But just because you like it doesn’t mean everybody else has to. In the meantime, I’ll wait for the next album.

    Posted on November 12, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now