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  • I’ve been a Winger fan for ages. And here I stand, announcing this fact to the world. I even went to the Poison/Cinderella/Winger concert in 2002 to get the chance to see Reb, Kip, Rod, Paul, and John play and open up for Cinderella. You bet they put on a great show, and it looked like they had so much fun together on stage.

    For years I felt some comfort knowing that they ‘finished’ their run on such a strong note. They didn’t fade away like so many groups from the era. All of the fans knew that Pull was their greatest effort, and they finished on top of their game, with a powerful statement of vindication. The stereotypes that Winger was subjected to over the years of their popularity were wiped away with that final musical statement. At least they left us with such a masterful work of Rock before saying goodbye and going their separate ways.

    When I heard that Reb and Kip were working together (The Mob, etc) over the years, I felt a flicker of hope that the guys would pull together and produce a proper studio album, and something that would come close to Pull. I didn’t let my hopes up too high, but I kept my eyes on Kip’s and Reb’s web sites. When I saw IV’s annoucement, I nearly fell out of my chair and practically counted down the weeks until I could get my hands on it.

    It’s been a long, long time since I felt the type of excitement about a new album coming out. I was like a child on Christmas day when IV arrived in the mail. As I was holding the unopened album in my hand I realized how long I’ve wanted that moment to come. Would I be disappointed? There’s only one way to find out… I’ve been listening repeatedly since first unwrapping it.

    In short, it’s an incredible work. This is not the candy pop early Winger, but how could it be? This is the heavy, darker introspective Winger.. the Winger with exceptional production and song writing. Quite complex harmonically and with catchy hooks and melodic lines. Reb’s guitar sounds meaner than ever (great tone!) and Kip’s voice sounds even better than it did 14 years ago. Rod’s drumming is tighter than ever. In short, if you liked Pull you will love IV. It is more than a worthy successor, and quite possibly BETTER than Pull. Time will tell, but you must buy this album!

    If Reb/Kip/Rod/etc see this, THANK YOU FOR GIVING THIS TO YOUR FANS! It is a gift!

    Posted on February 28, 2010