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  • man. i want so bad to like this. i like music LIKE this, but what the crap?? it’s like everyone has a HXC crazy-title-having, dont-do-anything-for-more-than-20-seconds-in-a-song-before-changing-tempos-for-no-reason, hyper-colorful-album-art “metal” band these days.

    there’s some talent here, i think…i mean as a musician i know some of the riffs and techy junk isn’t easy to play…but it’s all so arbitrary. crazy for the sake of crazy, because they are trying to be like another band they like.
    however, this music is annoying.
    and the first song goes into a hardcore version of inspector gadget’s theme song. it’s so embarrassing…so not cute. not clever. not anything.

    they over-highlight the girl’s voice like they have some popstar they need to lime-light, but it’s reeeeeaaaaaally embarrassing to listen to. currently, there’s a cricket wireless commercial on tv where kids sing “R E S P E C T” on home videos. i cringe when it comes on. i cringe when i listen to this cd. the more hardcore parts have their moments of ok-ness, and track 2 actually kicks off like it’s going to go someplace, but instead they do that arbitrary change-for-the-sake-of-change…you know, to be cuh-razee.

    i’m a little bitter. i dont get why there has to be 1 or 2 good bands per subgenre (genghis tron KILLED it early on and no one can touch them since…why emulate something so great?)

    Posted on February 9, 2010