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  • I have to admit: I bought this CD for 50 cents at a garage sale, with no jewel case or liner notes, just the CD. I’d heard “The Lumberjack” late one night on my favorite classic rock radio station, as well as “Down On Me.” Both these songs were good, but “The Lumbejack” blew me away, the first time I’d EVER heard a chainsaw solo in my life! And the thing was, it actually sounded GOOD! Anyway, back to the CD in question. The first time I listened to the entire CD was on a road trip, and I loved it from then on. Still do. Jackyl is like a mixture of AC/DC and Guns N Roses, with a lot of Southern flavor mixed in. Basically, as their song proclaims, they are Redneck Punk, pure and simple. And they know how to ROCK! Choice cuts: Just Like A Devil, I Stand Alone, The Lumberjack, Redneck Punk, Brain Drain, and Back Off Brother. If you like good hard rock, buy this CD and rock on!

    Posted on March 1, 2010