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  • It took far too long for Thin Lizzy to step up to the plate with a major performance like this. They had flirted with good albums for years, but everything finally came together. As far as the review saying this was typical 80’s metal, then this must be great, because it was the mid 70’s. Just goes to show they were a band well ahead of their time!The great lyrics, driving bass, Lynott’s crooning, the double edged guitar attack that would become a trademark, and the pounding rhythms of Brian Downey’s drums create a masterpiece! I can’t even begin to tell you there are any songs you’d have to wade through to get to something good. These are all Lizzy killers! My favorites are “Warriors” and “Emerald”, where the group shows they can play swords and sorcery with the best of them. The variety of most Lizzy albums is present even here with the slower “Romeo and the Lonely Girl” and “Running Back”. Strong rockers are the three everyone knows, “Jailbreak”, “the Cowboy Song”, and “the Boys Are Back In Town”.Maybe it’s just reliving great times from high school or one of the hottest tours I’ve seen with Robin Trower, but JAILBREAK is one of those lifetime achievements few bands, no matter how good, ever accomplish. Definitely a 100 all-time best CD!

    Posted on November 16, 2009