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  • I remember buying this in the summer of 1976 after hearing “The Boys Are back in Town” on the radio a few times. That song is one of the top 10 songs ever! When I bought it as an LP (remember those?), I was so excited and distracted that I put the wrong side on the turntable. Instead of that song, out of the speakers came the title track JAILBREAK. Another timeless classic. Needles to say, the entire record of 9 songs was fantastic and there truly isn’t a dud on here. Since then I have bought these songs on cassette, CD, and now the remastered version. Great story in the liner notes too. Buy it and read it for yourself. It is almost hard to believe the recorded output Lizzy put out in the years of 1975 through 1977. Quality too. Hell, “Johnny the Fox” also came out later that year in ‘76 and is every bit as good as this, unfortunately overlooked because of the lack of a hit. Personal favorites on here are “Romeo and the Lonely Girl”, “Emerald”, and “Warriors”. I love them all. If you want some great rock songs with excellent twin guitar breaks, this is for you. See where Maiden, Leppard, and The Darkness got it from in the first place! My only question on this reissue is why has Scott Gorham been eliminated on the Overlaord’s video screen on the cover? He is the only member from this group performing in the current Thin Lizzy lineup and for some reason, he is missing.

    Posted on November 17, 2009