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  • Hopefully, you will see my name in the future sometime either in my field of study(Medical) or as just being maybe Thin Lizzy’s #1 fan. Most would credit those such as Elvis(obvious) , the Stones, Beatles, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, & Van Halen as being the best of all time. They may have been great, but I have news for the world in 2005! I, myself, obtained my first copy of Jailbreak at age 25(2001) & while I was brainwashed most of my life by just commercially known outfits, I was born again and saw the light with Thin Lizzy and the late(1/4/86), greatest Phil Lynott. We all know “The Boys Are Back In Town, but this is just the beginning. While Downey, Gorham, & Robertson fit the mold of the long haired, blonde stereotyped looking rock star, those of us who were born of a different ethinic background but raised in the US, or UK-Ireland at that, finally have, or have always had, an Irish-Brazilian dark & curly haired legend(Black Rose) to look up too. How ironic after all this time that this one was the best all this time*

    Posted on November 17, 2009