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Jane's Addiction

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  • I discovered Jane’s with their album Nothing’s Shocking and it changed my life. I was a devout metalhead at that time and was a huge fan of Metallica( that was the glory days of Metallica). Jane’s slowly but surely became my favorite band. I bought this album somtime around 1989 I believe. I love this album it is a really raw sounding record and it shows how powerful the band was at that time. The song that became my favorite and was the main reason I bought the album was the cover of Sympathy for the Devil. Jane’s made that song seem very eerie more so than The Stones ever did. Jane’s made me realize that music should make you experience the feelings and emotions in the songs. They turned me from a metalhead to an alternative fan for life. Maybe I am being too sentimental or just reacting like most people as they get older but I miss the way the bands were during the years of 1988 till about 1997. Music was fun to me then and I was always discovering new bands to listen to. I find myself going back to listen to my older cd’s now and rediscovering all this great music now because I just don’t see that many amazing new bands anymore.

    Posted on February 24, 2010