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Jane's Addiction

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  • Jane’s Addiction had the gall and attitude to release their very first EP as a live album. That alone should tell you where this disc is coming from. Unlike what the Editorial would make you think, theres nothing punk about Janes, they’ve always been the red, raw underbelly of a bizarre experiment with Glam Rock and Psychedelia, and there is no better way to hear them than this live, no coverups or touch ups gem.

    I personally tend to HATE live discs as they sound like that bunch of garbage the Hendrix estate has been putting out that were no more than cheap bootlegs, but this disc is nothing of the sort. The first few times I heard this, I had no clue it was live, I thought they were adding crowd sounds to give it a feel, and there isn’t much of that. The performance is phenominal, and the mix is amazingly consistent for live disc.

    If you love Janes and you don’t have this one yet, buy it now. You can kick yourself later.

    Posted on February 24, 2010