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Jar of Flies

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  • Of the four major grunge bands, AIC usually gets the least amount of play, wich is a disgrace. Nirvana is seriously overrated, and AIC’s range can’t be matched by Soundgarden. When looking at Pearl Jam, its hard to find a weakness, but Alice In Chains is right next to them as the greatest band of the 90’s. Jar of Flies is my personal favorite album by AIC, although most would agrue “Dirt” is better. But what I love about this is that a hard rock, sometimes even borderline metal band completely stripped down their sound to produce a nearly all acoustic set of 7 songs that is simply amazing. The only knock against this cd, or technically EP, is that it is too short. When “Swing on This” ends I always find myself hungry for more, but the beauty of it is that I can listen to it again right then and there and not grow tired of it whatsoever. Although many have already done so, i’ll break down each song:

    1. Rotton Apple- A great way to start the cd. A pretty slow tempo here gives Layne an opportunity to shine as the listener is naturally drawn to his vocal delivery. Quite a long song but keeps your attention all the way through. 9.5/10

    2. Nutshell- A popular pick as the favorite AIC song of many fans. This is a very emotional track with a rambling guitar riff. Beautiful piece of music. Everyone can relate to these lyrics in one way or another. 10/10

    3. I Stay Away- My personal favorite, I am absolutely in love with this guitar work. It really reminds me of something Jimmy Page would write, and it doesn’t get much better than that. My favorite part is when Layne delivers the title “I stay away” in a controlled roar and the violins follow. Amazing song. 11/10

    4. No Excuses- The most recognizable track on the cd. The drums are awesome in this song, especially in the intro when they break in alone, allowing you to fully get the effect of its originality. A simple but great song. 10/10

    5. Whale and Wasp- Instrumental. The title really does seem to fit this music, as the moaning electric guitar truely resembles the sounds of a whale, with beatiful acoustic work in the background that picks up along with violins once the electric subsides. I wish this song was a little longer and the acoustic riff was explored a bit more, but Don’t Follow somewhat does that. 10/10

    6. Don’t Follow- Yet again a simply fantastic song. This guitar almost seems like a continuation of Whale and Wasps acoustic section. Probably the best lyrics on the album. the harmonica also fits in here perfectly. 10/10

    7. Swing On this- The awesome bassline drives this song, which works really well with the harmonized vocals. The most different of all the songs on the album, but still works well with the flow of the music. Bass driven songs are always cool to listen to for a change of pace. 9.5/10

    Posted on December 23, 2009