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Johnny the Fox

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  • One of my fondest memories of this album was when my grandmother, a church organist and music lover, remarked on how good the drummer was, never missing a beat even during his rolling and inventive fills. While this could be said of many top-notch rock drummers, it says something that even my grandmother appreciated at least the drumming on this album. However, this is my review, not my grandmother’s, so… This is Thin Lizzy doing mainstream. And doing it exceptionally well. I love every track on this album. The dual guitar solos are perfect, right in line with those found on “Jailbreak”, which is saying a lot. The whole album feels like an extension of “Jailbreak”, which is a good thing. The songwriting is great, Lynott’s vocals are great; everything is tight, polished, and professional. If you like Lizzy, you’ll love this. And if you’ve never experienced them before, you’ll still love this. It’s one of ’70’s rock’s classics. A must-have for any music lover. All the tracks are strong, with the possible exception of “Boogie Woogie Dance”, which seemed sort of silly to me, although still quite listenable. My personal favorite Lizzy album though will always be “Night Life”, which came out a few years earlier and has a much softer and jazz-influenced sound.

    Posted on February 1, 2010