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Johnny the Fox

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  • Man, what can be said about this band? One of the most overlooked of the “classic” rock bands, their name is rarely mentioned in the same sentence as Led Zep, the Stones, or the Who, but they surely deserve a place among the upper echelons of the genre. This album is one of the reasons why: the songs are top notch, the playing is tight and inspired, and the vocals courtesy of Phil Lynott are just breathtaking. Sort of an underworld “concept” LP (IMHO), the album just flows very naturally. Highlights include the hard rocking opener “Johnny”, the funky “Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed”, the 70’s metal mania of “Boogie Woogie Dance”, and the soulful “Borderline” (one reviewer remarked that it was a great drinking song, I agree). But my all time fave on the record is the ballad “Sweet Marie”. This song should be a staple on classic rock stations, but unfortunately US radio stations never gave it play. It is simply put one of the most beautiful rock songs ever recorded, and if it were the only song on the CD, it would still be worth it. If you like classic rock, then just buy this, and enjoy.

    Posted on February 1, 2010