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Journey - Greatest Hits

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  • This is the ultimate hits album by what I consider the greatest band in the universe. Now if you are a true Journey fan you should also have the original albums. “Escape” and “Frontiers” are two of the best rock albums in history; “Infinity”, “Evolution”, and “Departure” are all fantastic classic rock albums; and even “Raised On Radio”, which marked the beginning of Journey and particularly Steve Perry not rocking as hard, has some great tracks. All of these albums are represented on this collection. The big hit rockers and ballads are all here. In addition, you have the excellent inclusion of two movie soundtrack songs that were not previously on Journey releases: the top 10 “Only The Young” and the equally fantastic “Ask The Lonely”. That alone makes this a must-purchase whether you have all their other albums or not. Just a fantastic summary of the premier years of one of the most enjoyable bands in rock and roll history. Sorry borish music critics: nothing “faceless” about this band–especially compared to most of the grunge and then boy bands of the ’90’s. This is as good as it gets–in any era.

    Posted on December 25, 2009