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Journey - Greatest Hits

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  • Yeah yeah yeah..Journey has been tagged as a “faceless corporate rock band” relic of the 80’s..well since then, having to endure tiresome nihilistic grunge and rap music, corporate “divas” and the faceless clones of bubble gum kiddie pop of the last decade… I’ll take Journey anyday.Not being a fan of mindless Heavy Metal or overly sappy love songs…Journey stuck the perfect balance. Steve Perry’s soaring vocals, Neal Schon’s blistering guitars and Jonathon Cain’s diverse keyboards really created a dynamic sound that endured throughout the 1980’s.All of the classics songs from Infinity, Escape, Frontiers and Raised On Radio are here. I never have and still don’t think of Journey as a “faceless corporate rock band”, just five guys from San Francisco who let their music do the talking..Rock N Roll songs from the heart and with a real sense of melody.

    Posted on December 25, 2009