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Judgment Night

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  • Can’t tell you much about the movie, I hear it is nothing special; the Soundtrack however is something in itself of a classic. It took me years to discover this one, and apparently it was reissued earlier this year.

    The soundtrack was originally released in 1993 as a companion to the movie of the same title starring Emilio Estevez and Cuba Gooding Jr. apparently (can say I’ve never seen the actual movie).

    So many great collaborations on this one from Hip hop, Metal, Grunge, Hard Rock, Alternative groups pair up to create some early rap/rock, and rap/metal. It was the early 90’s and it was still a fresh sound, pioneers like Ice T and Run DMC are here of course. How great is a Slayer/Ice T combo anyway??

    Going through the songs and my favs in order it is indeed a fun task…

    1. Judgement Night – Heavy and what an anthem! If you like early Biohazard, you know what to expect here.

    2. Just Another Victim – Has a very pronounced Rage Against the Machine vibe. Nice shift at about the 2:30 mark of the song. Tight lyrics, heavy.
    “Just another victim, Kid!”

    3. Disorder – This one is very much Slayer meets Body Count. Not sure what you would call this but I would be happy with the term “Rapcore”. The first line of the song is very timely also for an election year.

    4. Fallin’ – Flows so mellow, and it is a very fun song. De La Soul, yea.

    5. Freak Momma – Groovy, Grungy, Surf Rap?…sounds good to me. Another fun song. A very Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe to this one (early RHCP that is).

    6. Me Myself, and My Mic – Rocker of course with Pioneers also Run DMC and a forgotten band Living Colour.

    7. Come And Die – Heavy Groove.

    8. Another Body Murdered – Haunting and Heavy.

    9. Real Thing – Grunge Rap…I dunno, but it’s a pretty good song I guess.

    10. I Love You Mary Jane – Mellow and Smokey Vibe.

    11. Missing Link – Kinda Grungy Rap again, least fav track.

    Overall a very balanced record, it’s heavy in places, it grooves of course, and it has a couple mellow spots (songs) to keep it from blending too much, but then most of the songs have a different vibe to them, you know almost from the get go of each what at least one of the bands is…as soon as you hear the first couple notes of “Disorder” you know it’s Slayer, it’s got that sound. And of course you can spot a Biohazard song too if you are into them since the early 90’s.

    Some bands are hard to pick out like Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth, and well Teenage Fanclub I’m not even sure who they are…but it all works out. I don’t think Eddie Vedder is rapping…so that’s probably really a good thing if you can’t hear it so well, right?

    It serves well as something to definitely add to your collection if you are into the early days of the genre.
    This upon finding it was like the missing piece of the puzzle; a hidden gem, great reissue at a nice price that is really essential to me anyway.

    Posted on November 21, 2009