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Just a Game

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  • I was 15 years old and K-SHE 95 in St. Louis played Lay It On The Line. From that moment on I became a devoted fan for life. I ran out on my bicycle down to Cricket Records and bought the vinyl album with my allowance. Loved the game board on the inside of the album but most importantly, the music. It spoke to me and I can tell you that Triumph made great music throughout their career but never as good as they did on Just A Game.

    Best songs: Young Enough To Cry, Just A Game, Lay It On The Line, Hold On and American Girls.

    Anyone who is not all that familar with Triumph should buy this album first. This is the benchmark for everything that followed and the 2 albums before this one.

    Commercially, Allied Forces was their big breakthrough and most successful album. Just A Game is the blue print for Allied Forces. First times a charm in this case.

    This album reminds me of being 15 and getting turned on to the most explosive guitar and vocals, bass and drum attack I’d ever heard.

    Anyone hesitating to buy this album should not think twice. Buy it now!

    Posted on February 3, 2010