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Karma and Effect

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  • The reason I bought this CD was for the track “Remedy.” It would play often on a local hard rock station and every time I heard it I knew I wanted to check out the CD. I finally jotted down as many lyrics I could and did a search and found Seether. I loved the first two tracks right away but wasn’t sure about the rest of the CD. I had recently purchased “One X” by Three Days Grace and had been listening to that constantly for several weeks. I think I immediately compared the two CDs and didn’t think “Karma and Effect” measured up. The more I listen to Seether’s CD, though, the more I like. The booklet is very creative. The pages are artwork or strange photographs and, in between, are matted, semi-transparent, plastic sheets with the lyrics printed in silver. I thought that was cool at first until I tried to read them. Even with paper underneath, they’re difficult to read. Oh well, at least they’re trying to be different. There is a photo of the band behind the CD holder. Now for the tracks:

    “Because of Me”: Awesome opener! Energetic and explosive with catchy hooks and chorus. Like “Remedy,” it grabbed me right away and wouldn’t let go.
    “Remedy”: The reason I bought this CD! The verses sound a lot like Nirvana’s “Come as You Are” (it almost sounds like Kurt Cobain’s singing, too). This track flat out rocks!
    “Truth”: Slower verses that picks up into a hard rockin’, yet catchy chorus. The additional guitar during the final chorus is awesome! Heavier than other tracks here. Becoming one of my favorites.
    “The Gift”: The beginning offers a slow verse with nice guitar accompaniment followed by an accessible, power chorus. Has almost a country flavor (it’s not country, don’t worry). It is nice but it does tend to drag. It is 5:34 and sounds every bit that long.
    “Burrito”: One of the heavier tracks here. It has a very dark sound like Tool.
    “Given”: This is a more accessible track than “Burrito” but does incorporate some Korn/Ill Nino-like screams.
    “Never Leave”: A slower, power song that really sticks in my head for better or for worse.

    “World Falls Away”: Rocker! The guitar accompanying the verses is a highlight. Then some Korn/Ill Nino-like screams to build the intensity. The one line at the end “I’m just like you, just not as cool” (the line throughout the track is “Just not a fool”) is so mundane.
    “Tongue”: The track begins with the line “Well the tongue inside my mouth is not for sale” (uh, OK). Another slower, power song but this one has an excellent chorus.
    “I’m the One”: Now we’re rocking! This may be my favorite on this CD (it’s right up there with the first two tracks, anyway). Check out these lyrics: “Here she’s coming and she’s drunk again / She’s only seventeen / Here daddy said `Well that’s enough of that come be my little queen’ / And now he’s touching her wrong again / He’s going to give her disease / He never wanted it anyway / He only does as he please / Won’t you tell her that I said I’m the one / I couldn’t hurt her like everyone / And tell her that I said I’m the one / And I don’t deserve her.” Killer!
    “Simplest Mistake”: Another heavy track. Has some bursts of intensity but has a lighter, catchy chorus.
    “Diseased”: This is a different-sounding track. It has soft, dark, mysterious guitar-work. Like “Burrito,” it is very Tool-like.
    “Plastic Man”: A Kurt Cobain-sounding ballad. I checked the song credits to see if he wrote it as the lyrics are not included in the booklet. He didn’t write it. Anyway, it is a gorgeous track with beautiful guitar-work.
    Hidden Track: Just some quirky guitar and singing in another language. Not really worth the 5 minute wait.

    Posted on December 8, 2009