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Karma and Effect

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  • As a huge fan of Seether since soon after Disclaimer came out, I have been frantically looking forward to their second album for a LONG time. Dislcaimer II had some great new tracks, and all the old tracks were even remixed, and made better for the most part. But still, it was obviously made to just hold us fans over till they released the new album (Seether basically admitted this themselves).

    Anyway, I had very high expectations for their new album, and I was not disappointed at all. This is an AMAZING second album. I thought Disclaimer was awesome when it first came out, but after listening to Karma and Effect, and then to Disclaimer again, I have to say that Disclaimer completely pales in comparison to Karma and Effect. It’s that good.

    There’s not a single song I dislike, and most of the songs are just AWESOME. Shaun Morgan’s singing and lyrics are MUCH improved, and his voice is much clearer and easier to understand than it was on Disclaimer.

    Anyway, here are my ratings for each song:

    Because of Me: Awesome! It’s a heavy song, but also very melodic, and a great way to begin the album. One of my favorites on the album. 10/10

    Remedy: Seether’s new single. Awesome song, very addictive, and destined to become a huge radio hit. 10/10

    Truth: Another one of my favorites. This song has some of the best lyrics Shaun’s ever come up with. A relatively quiet song compared to the first two, but it has it’s heavier rock moments. Has a very nice melody, and a great chorus. Also has an awesome guitar solo. 10/10

    The Gift: Some have said this is the best song Seether’s ever done. I wouldn’t go quite that far, but it’s a great song. Has some awesome lyrics, and the verses have a very nice melody. Nice guitar too. 10/10

    Burrito: Yet another one of my favorites. The beginning has the same lyrics as Hang On from Disclaimer II, only slightly modified. It even sounds kind of similar too. But when it gets to the chorus, it changes dramatically from Hang On. Another very addictive song, and some amazing lyrics. “My life in monochrome/Wish I could regain control” is one of my favorite lyrics Seether’s done. It’s just so perfect somehow. :) 10/10

    Given: This is a very good song, but it’s probably my least favorite of the album (not counting Secret Song). I still really like it, but it’s just not as good as the other songs somehow. The verses are fine, but I’m not crazy about the chorus. 8.5/10

    Never Leave: A great quiet song. Has some great guitar, and awesome lyrics. 10/10

    World Falls Away: My current favorite in the album. It has this AMAZING guitar riff, by FAR the best Seether riff ever. 69 Tea previously had the most addictive guitar riff, but this riff FAR surpasses it. This song has a great chorus and great lyrics, but it’s really that guitar riff that makes it my favorite song on Karma and Effect.

    Tongue: This song has a very strange name, but it’s another awesome quiet song. More great lyrics from Shaun, awesome guitar, and a really catchy chorus. 10/10

    I’m The One: The heaviest song on the album. I actually didn’t love this when I first heard it, but the more I heard it, the more I love it. A great heavy song with great guitar. It’s not a very Seether-like song, but it’s good to see them try something different. 9/10

    Simplest Mistake: Another heavy song. I prefer this one over I’m The One. It’s really addictive, it has a really cool melody, and more awesome lyrics from Shaun. 10/10

    Diseased: A quieter song, although like most of the quiet songs on this album, it has some heavier moments. It has one of the best choruses in the album IMO, and the guitar you hear at the quiet moments has a very strange but awesome sound to it. Another one of my favorites on the album. Actually, this one may dethrone World Falls Away as my favorite. 10/10

    Plastic Man: The quietest song on the album, and the only song on the album that doesn’t have any loud, heavy rock moments. This is another song that doesn’t sound very much like Seether, but it’s an awesome song, and as I said before, it’s great that Seether’s experimenting with their style. 10/10

    Secret Song: This doesn’t really count as a song, but I decided to put it on here anyway. This song is a separate track, but it comes after the approx. 5 minutes of silence at the end of Plastic Man. This is without a doubt the weirdest, most f***ed up song Seether’s ever done. It’s in a different language I guess, I’m not sure what. But it’s not even just that fact that makes it weird: the guitar is very strange, it’s a very strange melody — it’s just a really weird track. I don’t like it at all, but maybe some people do, LOL. 1/10

    So overall, Karma and Effect is a truly AMAZING album. If you’re a Seether fan, you have to buy this album right now. If you weren’t a Seether fan before, you might want to give them a try. They’re a great rock band, and their sound has greatly matured since Disclaimer. If you’re a fan of Nirvana, I would definitely give Seether a listen.

    Posted on December 8, 2009