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Karma and Effect

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  • Just bought this album today and im pretty shocked at how good it is. People are definately underestimating this band. Seether is an extremely talented young band that could just about challenge any group out there right now. They’re style is tough, hard, and raw but also deep and moving at the same time. Their songs arent “ima slap my bitch around all night” or “america sucks”. They ALL mean something, and even better they all mean something different. “Remedy” is a crazy good song. No wonder why its the first single. “The Gift”, “Never Leave”, and “Plastic Man” are all radio-ready and contatin moving and powerful lyrics presented in a lighter but just as powerful tone. And dont worry, “Because of Me”, “Burrito”, “I’m the One”, “World Falls Away”, and “Simplest Mistake” ought to satisfy those wanting a little more power. Perhaps the best song on the album (which probobly wont even be released as a single) is “Diseased” which is one of the most haunting songs by any group I can remember. “Karma and Effect” is the best rock album of 2005 so far, possibly the best album of 2005 so far which is funny because NOBODY predicted it to be. It is only after hearing crap like Simple Plan, The Killers, and Yellowcard where you really start to appreciate Seether. The bottom line is that Seether is an extremely promising band, who may have just established themselves as a strong force to be reckoned with in the area of hard-rock with this album. I look foward to listening to this album again and I highly recommend this CD to not only hard-rock fans but to people who might be sick of the mainstream radio.

    Posted on December 8, 2009