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  • Another band that satisfies my jones for hard driving, melody centered music, with progressive creativities. I admit, I am pathologically addicted to Symphony X, and now to Kamelot as well. Karma is all over the place, slow, fast, driving, pounding, epic sounding in some places. They are like the other bands I love, not ego driven, little gratuitous guitar thrashing, little bombastic showmanship that doesn’t fit in the context of their overall music. Everything fits, they display teamwork, and there is no thrashing (thank heavens). They never fall into the trap that so many guitar driven bands fall into (Rhapsody, or Malmsteen as an example), where guitar noise takes over and the melody and the message of the song gets lost in noise and pounding distorted technical playing. These guys just love music and it shows. Lots of interesting instruments, and different vocal interludes. And Khan simply cranks. King Khan is awesome!!I love these guys. Karma is awesome,

    Posted on February 15, 2010