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  • Let me start off by saying that not one rave review or bit of hype surrounding Katorz has been overstated in the slightest. Piggy may have left too soon, but he sure as hell left in style. The album is stunning, raw, explosive and as fresh as anything the best new bands have put out in the past year. Building on the stripped down groundwork laid out on the previous self-titled cd, it’s very close to the album I’ve been waiting for since the Hatross/Nothingface days. I’ve always regarded those two ablums as my absolute favorites, and Katorz sits proudly alongside them.

    I can’t really give a track by track analysis at this point, but pretty much everything I love most about Piggy’s sound is here. I kind of expected this cd to be mostly guitar-driven, but everyone’s efforts get to shine through. Still no robot vocals from Snake, but he sounds so cool on this album that it’s not much of a disapointment. I’ve never heard Jasonic sound this good before. He’s got a great back and forth thing going on with Piggy throughout the cd and is unlike what I’m used to hearing from Voiovd. And Away…wow…I doubt anyone worked as hard he did owing to the unintentional tempo changes of Piggy’s rough tracks, but the man just flows with it in such a masterful way that he makes it seem like it’s effortless for him. Kudos go to producer Glen Robinson as well.

    The album, of cousre, brings up some sad feelings for me as well. No doubt Piggy would have taken these great songs and polished them and pushed them even further had he been given the time. If he had, my guess is Katorz would not simply be among their best cd’s – it could have been their best.

    Posted on January 15, 2010