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Keep It to Yourself

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  • …First of all, this band is not supposed to sound like Dream Theater, and if you really listen to it, you will find that it does not. The various instrumentalists offer very different playing styles from the members of DT, especially the drummer, Mike Mangini,who played with Extreme, a band radically different from DT. Mike Kineally is a phenomenal guitar player, just ask a medium to ask Frank Zappa (Kineally was in his band). The only common thread is James LaBrie, who (miracle of miracles!) IS the singer for Dream Theater! Secondly, the album was not an effort to sound like Dream Theater or be compared to DT in any way. On the contrary, James L. was attempting to do something different, apart from DT. I think he succeeded very well. This album is full of exciting and beautiful music. “Beelzebubba” has to be one of the most unique and quirky songs out there today, it is fantastic. “Guardian Angel” has a great groove, and “As A Man Thinks” has some great moments, with some nice harmonies from James. If you can get it through your skull that this is not supposed to be DT, you will find this to be a wonderful album.

    Posted on November 12, 2009