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Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 1

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  • Looking at this as a fan of the album when it originally came it, it’s not bad. If you’re looking to check out Helloween for the first time, this is a great place.
    First of, a remaster of one of the best metal albums ever is always a good thing! The liner notes are great, reprinting the orginal album sleeve artwork and also offering an intereview with a member of the band.
    The bonus offerings, are not so bonus…
    If you own “The Best, The Rest, The Rare” you already have Victim of Fate.
    The Starlight remix is good.
    The alt version of A Little Time is not much different from the original, which I prefer.
    Still trying to figure out why they included the video edit version of Halloween. Having been listening to the 13 minute original version for over 15 years, this is just horrible. I’ve seen the video and understand they need to cut it down about 10 minutes but it just doesn’t work in that context. If you heard this without knowing it was an edited down version you’d wonder what the band was thinking.
    Overall, if you have this already you may want to skip over it. But if the original album artwork and remastering are your thing, then check it out.

    Posted on November 19, 2009