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Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 1

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  • Helloween’s best album (together with part II) now EXPANDED, containing 3 must have Bonus Tracks and Remastered; providing an improved sound quality compared to the original release of 1987.

    By combining influences such as Iron Maiden, Queen, Judas Priest, Rainbow and Queensryche together with fast double bass drumming, higher pitched-melodic vocals, fabulous twin-guitar solos and catchy riffs, Helloween achieved to lay the foundations for European power metal, as it is known today.

    In Keeper Of The Seven Keys part I the band changed its sound, from the speed metal that dominated their debut album, to a much more melodic, technical and epic approach. The songs were still fast paced and heavy but contained catchy melodies, memorable choruses, outstanding vocals and evoked an uplifting feeling.

    But besides the captivating music, a new charismatic vocalist named “Michael Kiske” joins the band to take this album to the skies! Influenced by Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Tate; but equipped with more emotion and power, 18 year old Kiske makes this album a MUST HAVE for any metal and hard rock fan. (Kiske is still considered one of the best and most copied vocalists in the heavy metal genre)

    The album begins with an operatic marching type intro which successfully sets the mood of the album. The intro leads nicely into the fast paced and uplifting “I’m Alive”. The song carries an optimistic message and includes a memorable chorus, fast drumming, raving guitar solos and twin-guitar harmonies.

    The heavy “A Little Time” comes next with another catchy chorus and an addictive guitar riff, while the melodic mid range vocals in the verses sound really emotional and warm.

    The power ballad “A Tale that wasn’t Right” arrives to slow things down a bit. It’s strongest points are the truly emotional vocals and the wonderfully played guitar solo.

    “Twilight Of The Gods” continues in the same vain as I’m Alive but is more epic, contains more intense vocals and a chorus that you’ll never forget.

    The heavy metal anthem and most famous track “Future World” follows next. It is performed in mid-tempo, includes one of the best twin-guitar solos of the album, funny lyrics and vocals that vary from low range to really high-pitched.

    Next comes the true masterpiece of the album “Halloween”; an operatic, fast, progressive, melodic power metal hymn raving over 13 minutes (which never gets long nor tiresome). Halloween is probably one of the best metal epics ever. It contains an eerie chorus, tempo changes, varying vocals, choirs and hundreds of guitar riffs, leads and solos.

    All of these songs are still considered classics and are also some of the best power metal songs ever written.

    Bonus Tracks: “Victim Of Fate” and “Starlight” are two truly amazing renditions of older songs, originally from the Helloween EP, with Michael Kiske on vocals.

    Even if you are not a metal fan, this album will please you or even blow you away with the mythical and uplifting atmosphere it creates and the technically proficient orchestration it achieves.

    Will be loved by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Rainbow…fans. Just listen…you’ll be amazed!

    (Definitely check out Keeper Of The Seven Keys pt II!!)

    Posted on November 19, 2009