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Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 1

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  • Helloween’s “Keeper of the Seven Keys p. 1″ is considered one of Helloween’s best along with Part 2, and is often considered the birth of power metal or one of the key albums influential to the genre. Either way, this album is a real gem in metal.

    Out is Kai Hansen on vocals and enter Michael Kiske while Kai remains playing guitar and a key songwriter. Michael Kiske’s dynamic, powerful and soaring voice provided the prototype for power metal to follow, and his voice really shines on songs like “I’m Alive,” “A Little Time,” “Halloween” and the new version of “Victim of Fate.”

    The album kicks off after an intro to “I’m Alive” which is now a style we know as power metal – speed metal, catchy melodies, happy lyrics. It’s a really feel good song as well. Other happy songs either musically, lyrically or a combo of both include the fan favorite “Future World,” “Twilight of the Gods.” There are a couple of slower songs here and there as well with “A Little Time” (more midpaced), and the ballad “Tale that Wasn’t Right.” Of course, the epic “Halloween” which is the key song on this album written by master Kai Hansen himself. Epic songs, soaring vocals, lively production, melodic-yet-wild guitar solos? This album’s for you!

    Overall, grab this album if you’re a power metal fan, or even a metal fan in general.

    Posted on November 19, 2009