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Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy

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  • Keepers legacy is sure no keepers 1 & 2 but I pretty much loved it, The metal melody and deris’s singing and songwriting all of that was not bad at all. When I first heard KOTSK the legacy I thought deris was going to be singing just the stuff from the classical KOTSK 1 & 2 albums but im glad he wrote his own songs on this album because I think this album would be a waste if thats all he did is just do other peoples songs. I have been a big fan of helloween for a long time and I never gave up on these guys but still I pretty much miss roland grapow and uli kusch after the dark ride and their replacements sascha gerstner and danny lobe were not bad at all but I don’t think they can fill in for the stuff roland and uli created in helloween.

    Any way good album can’t explain much but for new fans I wouldn’t recommend that you start here yet, I recommend the dark ride or better than raw first or the 2 classical keeper of the seven key albums 1 & 2 and stay far far away from chameleon and pink bubbles go ape never buy those albums.

    Posted on February 11, 2010