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Kettle Whistle

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Cult heroes Jane’s Addiction are the Grateful Dead for the should-I-be-a-punk-or-a-hippy-or-metal-head-or-just-get-high-and-become-one-with-the-music underground; so Kettle Whistle, the band’s collection of live recordings, a few new songs, and B-sides from their two albums, would be as must-have for fans as all those Dead bootlegs–even if it sucked. This is definitely an album for the converted, and the extended jams and live ramblings would be hard to endure without a frame of reference. The electronic filler and robotic knob-twiddling on the new songs, ”Kettle Whistle” and ”So What,” suggest that Jane’s Addiction’s breakup was well timed, but the demos and live cuts ooze the band’s tremendous energy and chemistry. In the 1988 demo of ”Ocean Size,” Perry Farrell’s charismatic, raspy howl mingling with Dave Navarro’s screeching guitar sucks you into the music and sends you to an alternate groove-plane. –Megan O. Steintrager

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  • I bought the tape in 1997 (or was 98?) any way this collection of music had me addicted to janes addiction. I own every cd, yes even rev…(not the best cd)but kettle whistle is a great cd for any one who loves music, even if they don’t know who Janes addiction is. this cd blows my whistle! Reanna

    Posted on March 16, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Another live one from Jane’s but I don’t love it quite as much as their selt-titled live album. If you like Jane’s, you will have heard most of these songs before. However, KETTLE WHISTLE and SLOW DIVERS within themselves make this album a must have. Besides, isn’t fun to have like 4 different cds with JANE SAYS on it? (if you count Perry’s REV album in addition to K.W, Nothings Shocking, and J.A’s first album).

    Posted on February 26, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I was really looking forward to this release knowing that most of the band was re-uniting. There are a few new recordings here in Kettle Whistle, ..Maceo, and a couple others but what’s dissipointing is that those songs were simply old Jane’s Addiction re-treads that were written and performed live several years ago but never placed on their CD’s. I have an old bootleg from 1988-89 to prove it. However, the live and unreleased cuts with the old bad sound awesome. I can’t figure out why Slow Divers was not included on the original Janes Addiction release. And I think the live version of Jane Says is better then the Nothings Shocking and Janes versions. The 3 or 4 song series from the LA shows including 3 Days is a must have. Overall, it’s a great buy and an excellent summary of work. They could just do without a couple of the newer recordings.

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • With the latest Janes reunion underway it seems only fitting to look back at 97’s “relapse” and its accompanying tie-in CD. This disc collects demos/outtakes, live tracks and four “new” songs (actually, only “So What” was penned after the breakup) spanning all eras of the group. Any Janes Addiction fan should find this stuff fantastic, especially the live material which captures their blend of punk/metal might and psychedelic artiness at its fullest–what can one say about the live “Three Days”? The demos for “Ocean Size”, “Had A Dad” and “Mountain Song” all present interesting (if not necessarily better) variations on the released versions. Of the four “new” tracks, “Kettle Whistle” is perhaps the most disappointing; one of their oldest songs (they played it live as early as ‘86), the melody and lyric retain their mystery but the quasi-electronic arrangement lacks real drive. “So What?!” is better, and proves that the group’s sound could have evolved nicely into the 90s (the group later complained that the record company gave them little studio time to properly record either cut). The best one, however, is the dreamy “Slow Divers”, a psych-oriented number from the acoustic show recorded for their first album given latter-day overdubs–Perry’s vocal and echo effects on this sends shivers down the spine, and why it was not released earlier is puzzling. Other tracks like the jokey “My Cats Name Is Maceo”, off-the-cuff “City” and the jazzy vocal arrangement on the “Been Caught Stealing” outtake round out the collection by presenting us with facets of the band not normally associated with their image. In essence, “Kettle Whistle” does what it’s supposed to do–collect minor odds and ends along with some stellar live cuts–to present an overall patchwork-like but still enjoyable look at the finest and most influential alternative group of its era.

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • ‘Kettle Whistle’ is a great compilation of the band that runs 75 minutes in duration,giving the fan their money’s worth.The 22-page full color booklet is jammed with interesting info and photos.I’ve ALWAYS been a big fan of JA and was quite taken away with the disc’s four unreleased tracks,like “My Cat’s Name Is Maceo”,”City”,”So What” and the sonic-blasting title cut “Kettle Whistle”.There’s sort of a mini-concert here,four songs recorded at a past gig at the Hollywood Palladium “Three Days”,”Ain’t No Right”,”Up The Beach” and “Stop”.My favorites would be the demos for “Ocean Size”,”Mountain Song” and “Whores”.If you’re a true Jane’s fan,it’s simply really…you’ll dig this release.

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now