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  • This, as far as my opinion goes, is the most talented and original band to surface in the last 5, maybe 10 years. Incredible album, mind-blowing live show. These guys don’t miss; each member is a complete master of his craft. The album ‘Kezia’ works as sort of a situationist-concept album. Kezia is a girl to be executed and the album tells the story through 3 perspectives. Prision Guard; first 3 songs, Priest; second 3, Kezia; last 3, and the Finale. In general, I’d say the first half of the album is more pummeling and the second half more melodic, but the entire thing, every bleeding second, is amazing!

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ll try to keep this review short and sweet and not gush about how great this band is too much, but that will be very hard. Protest the hero combines the greatest parts of music into every song. Amazing clean vocals, thunderous drum beats, intricate and technical guitar parts, and very catchy bass, even a great piano part in Divinity Within. The songs are not too long but not short and not drawn out or redundant whatsoever. The most impressive part about this band is that they music can be metal, but there is very minimal screaming. The singer reminds me of a cross between Coheed and Cambria’s and Bedlight for Blueeye’s singer. The band shows it is capable of attracting fans of basically any genre with plenty of metal parts, softer balled parts to some songs, and just flat out rock. I must have listened all the way through this cd 15 times since I’ve had this cd, which is about a week, and I can’t imagine ever getting tired of this cd. I wouldn’t even advise listening to it while driving because it’s awesomeness will distract you and you’ll probably get into an accident(sorry i said i wouldn’t brag too long). The classical guitar parts in blindfolds aside and a plateful of our done sound great and the girl backup vocals (the voice gave to the character Kezia) sounds good and not annoying at all like flyleaf’s may be at times. These songs are almost too catchy and you’ll never get them out of your head. The only minor flaw of this album is there may be too many aspects to each song. One minute the guitarist will be shredding, and a second later it will go to a softly sung breakdown. But you won’t even notice it after the first run through of the album. It is just part of their music style. It is beautifully chaotic as i consider it. I RECOMMEND THIS CD TO ANYONE WHO LIKES MUSIC.

    While it’s hard to single out any songs, my favorites are Blindfolds Aside, A Plateful of our Dead, Heretics and Killers, and She Who Mars the Skin of Gods.

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • My other cd’s called me the other day. They miss there play time! This is without a doubt the best cd of the year. Flawless from start to finish . I’ve never heard anything like it before … go get it!!

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I threw this on initially thinking it would be another chunk of that new fangled screamo-prog I like so much, Coheed, Chiodos and the like, and it sort of was, but it was so much MORE METAL! Seriously. When the record kicked in, first track, first 30 seconds, I thought maybe I had thrown on the wrong record, ultra tight, blazing Swedish style deathmetal, with tons of stop / start intricacies, crushing downtuned chug and every nook and cranny stuffed with blazing, shredding, squiggly leads, licks and little woodleewoos. Almost like an emo Necrophagist!

    Imagine some of the tightest catchiest screamo / emo / metalcore drenched in crushing blazing fast deathmetal and gussied up with plenty of Yes-y progisms, strummy acoustic breakdowns, and soaring almost eighties metal style vocals. And it’s mostly the vocalist that pushes the band over the edge. If Protest The Hero had a screamer or a growler, they would be just another killer tech-prog deathmetal band, but with the crazy vocals and lush harmonies they turn into something completely different. The singer alternately sounds like Joey Belladonna from Anthrax, Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and a friend thinks the singer sounds like a screamo-metal Lou Gramm from Foreigner, which I can definitely hear. But imagine just that sort of soaring epic eighties vibe but tangled up in huge sticky webs of dense ultracomplex new wave of Swedish death metal (In Flames, At The Gates, etc.), and with crazy staccato Meshuggah / Poison The Well breakdowns all over the place. So f-cking great. I listen to this NONSTOP.

    But it’s definitely all about the guitars, heavy and epic and slippery and complex and squiggly and wanky but totally mind blowing. And the songs are catchy as hell too. It’s like my eighties-self musical fantasy dream come true, a totally eighties hook filled pop record, turned inside out and massively progged up, the whole thing transformed into a crushing metal beast. If I had heard this when I was in my early teens, my fragile musical mind would have been so thoroughly blown I’d have been musically ruined for life. But hearing it now, I can definitely handle it, but just barely

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I first heard the cd about a year ago when one of my friends was blasting it in his car and all I remember about it was the excessive noise but I did get the band name from him. A year later I listen to the cd again and I have a newfound respect for the guys. This CD is truly mindblowing. I can honestly say that I listen to the entire CD every single day and I am still not tired. Several factors contribute to this perseverence. First, the catchiness is undeniable and the sound is so fresh. Another thing to note is that none of the songs have choruses and at times it’s a little overwhelming trying to keep up with 5 minutes of everchanging melodies and tempos. I can truly say that this band does not sound like any other band I have ever heard. Second, what struck me about the band was the absolutely superb musicianship. I was blown away by the level of virtuosity with which these 19 year olds play. Right from the get-go they kick the doors down with guns blazing and don’t stop until the last minute. This separates them from so many of their contemporaries who sacrifice instrumental skill for catchy hooks. The guitars shred like no other, the bass pounds away quite intricately, the drums thunder with such ferocity you wonder how the kit stays intact and the singer possesses a remarkably beautiful voice ranging from melodic singing to almost death-metal grunts. This might be considered drastic thinking but I would pick this over Slayer and Slipknot anyday. It is well worth the 9 dollars and more!

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now