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  • I first heard the cd about a year ago when one of my friends was blasting it in his car and all I remember about it was the excessive noise but I did get the band name from him. A year later I listen to the cd again and I have a newfound respect for the guys. This CD is truly mindblowing. I can honestly say that I listen to the entire CD every single day and I am still not tired. Several factors contribute to this perseverence. First, the catchiness is undeniable and the sound is so fresh. Another thing to note is that none of the songs have choruses and at times it’s a little overwhelming trying to keep up with 5 minutes of everchanging melodies and tempos. I can truly say that this band does not sound like any other band I have ever heard. Second, what struck me about the band was the absolutely superb musicianship. I was blown away by the level of virtuosity with which these 19 year olds play. Right from the get-go they kick the doors down with guns blazing and don’t stop until the last minute. This separates them from so many of their contemporaries who sacrifice instrumental skill for catchy hooks. The guitars shred like no other, the bass pounds away quite intricately, the drums thunder with such ferocity you wonder how the kit stays intact and the singer possesses a remarkably beautiful voice ranging from melodic singing to almost death-metal grunts. This might be considered drastic thinking but I would pick this over Slayer and Slipknot anyday. It is well worth the 9 dollars and more!

    Posted on February 25, 2010