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    Just finishing my first-ever trip through Devin Townsend’s “Ki” … and already it feels to me like his best work to date. All the best elements of his previous recorded output combine with a deceptively simple (but never simplistic), often groove-oriented approach that (for me) hits all the right buttons. This project rattles back and forth between melodic and (somewhat subdued for DT) heavy blues-oriented material that has a bit of bite here and there but never loses its composure. Clean/acoustic guitar gives way to heavy, leading into ambient, which slides into moments that are almost David Gilmore-esque, then to back to blues, but this time with a touch of rockabilly … and yet somehow it all make sense! The Pink Floydian flavor is most evident on “Quiet Riot,” but can be felt through much of the project.

    Of course, given that this album is the first of four interrelated releases, each with its own stylistic identity, I’m already looking forward to the NEXT chapter of the “Devin Townsend Project”!

    I may return and add to this review once I’ve spent some time with the lyrics, but for now I’m gonna recommend this one on the strength of the music and performance. Well worth a listen!

    Posted on November 13, 2009