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  • This album is one in four that the maniacal, insane genius that is Devin Townsend will release under the Devin Townsend Projects moniker(The second, Addicted, is planned to be released in late October/early November). It is an immaculate first entry in the sense that it captures the extreme metal nature of his previous work under Strapping Young Lad and The Devin Townsend Band as well as his fascination with older music.

    Ki contains moments of dark bluesy acoustic that build and segue into even darker explosive moments. With brass instruments in Heaven Send, Che Aimee’s backing vocals in several tracks and the partial seriousness of the lyrics, Ki is a work both typical of Townsend and, at the same time, open to new listeners. The notorious cursing of SYL is toned down to the occasional damn throughout a couple songs, but still to the same effect that fans are accustomed to.

    My personal favorites on this album are Gato, Heaven Send, Ki and Disrputr and they, above the other tracks, illustrate the intense, cosmic buildup that Mr. Townsend was shooting for with Ki. This album is well deserving of 5 stars and will leave the listener strongly anticipating the coming installments.

    Posted on November 13, 2009