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Kill Box 13

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  • Overkill can best be summed up in one word: Consistancy. You can always count on them to produce an album which stays (for the most part) true to their roots while experimenting with new styles here and there. There have been a couple stumbles along the way (such as “I Hear Black,” which upon further reflection really IS a good album…but it could have been so much better had it not sounded like it was produced in somebody’s bathroom) but for the most part, the metal machine that is Overkill has rumbled along at full throttle for the past 18+ years and shows no signs of stopping.Killbox 13, semi-aptly named (it’s their 13th all-studio release, provided you count their all-cover-tune release “Coverkill”), can be considered a snapshot of their entire career, with the ten songs each sounding like a blend of styles from all of their albums. “Struck Down,” for example, sounds much like it could have easily been present on their first full-length release “Feel The Fire,” while “I Rise” could have been part of the “Taking Over” era…and “Until I Die” reminds me somewhat of “Burn You Down/To Ashes” from “The Killing Kind.” “Crystal Clear” is my current favorite track, a cut that sounds somewhat like a blend of “Skullkrusher” (from “The Years Of Decay”) and “Spiritual Void” (from the aforementioned “I Hear Black”), while “The Sound Of Dying” smokes along somewhat like “F.U.C.T.” (“From The Underground And Below”)…except a little slower, a good deal heavier, and even catchier.Production is as monstrously heavy as it’s been on the past few albums, with all instruments clearly voiced. Tim’s drumming is as tight and punchy as ever. D.D. Verni’s unmistakable driving bass sound is prevalent on all the tracks, laying down a furious foundation for the well-oiled machine. Lead guitarist Dave Linsk gets to stretch out a little more than he did on the previous album, delivering plenty of superb solo breaks in and amidst the controlled chaos. And vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth sounds as P.O.’d as ever… (I can’t say much about Derek “The Skull” Taylor ‘cept to say he finds his niche just fine in the live shows…)Suffice it to say this is pure Overkill…and while it will probably not win them many new fans, those of us who already know how to finish the statement “We don’t care what you say” will be more than satisfied with the results.

    Posted on March 9, 2010