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Kill Box 13

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  • Overkill cannot be killed..yet another great ablum from the Thrashing jersey boys.They wont sell out and will be playing till there 90.Easiest way to sum the album is song by song.In no particular order.1.Devil By The Tail–Very catchy MELODIC(yes melody) beginning riff…good chorus..and even better break down in the middle section…sounds a lot like the break in New Machine.Great song.2.Damned–Good groovin song ..compares much to Save Me..sounds very much like it was recorded From the Underground and below sessions.3.The One–Very steady paced song with interesting mobster sounding story.Also good chorus as well.4.As I Die–Good melodic beginning with many guitar harmonies…a bit strange and new for over kill…but none the less heavy…and terrific dynamics and break in the middle section.5.Struck Down–PURE overkill oldschool..thrashy..double bass driven…EXCELLENT middle section..with backing vocals from the rest of the band.And some kick[ing] solo’s!6.I rise–Starts out slow..then kicks in with a COMA’ISH thrash attack thats relentless through the whole AND furious..great break also.And the backing HOLLARS r also back in this oldschool classic.7.Crystal Clear–Or SKULLCRUSHER part2 i say..VERY heavy guitars tuned nearly as low as the bass..GREAT groove.and also very heavy middle section break.8.No Lights–No lights indeed…very dark..creepy and VERY odd for overkill.He SINGS..and very IN opposed to the older days of trying to carry a good tune and being slighty off.A+ song.9.Sound of Dying–If u liked Cold Hard Fact from the killing kind you’ll love this one.Straight ahead..and very killer.10.Unholy–Yes very…Good opening section..again blasting into a thrash attack for ear piercing..with a VERY creepy chorus.Sounds like it was recorded with the Killing Kind.So all in all this album is VERY unique and diverse.It actually sounds like they went back and listened to songs from there FULL career..and honed them for an Excellent variety on this album.OVERKILL THE DEVILS WRATH….INDEED!!!

    Posted on March 9, 2010