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Kill 'Em All

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  • The original Metallica: James Hetfield (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Cliff Burton (Bass Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums) AND DAVE MUSTAINE (LEAD GUITAR)!!! Most of the leads and riffs you’ll hear on Kill ‘Em All were written by Dave Mustaine which is why the 1st Metallica album sounds more like a Megadeth record than any other Metallica record. Kirk Hammett stepped in admirably to fill Mustaine’s huge shoes but one is only left to wonder, if Mustaine had stayed in Metallica would they be the running joke that they are today? Probably not. Anyway, Kill ‘Em All is a flawless rundown of Metallica classics from The Four Horsemen to Motorbreath to Seek and Destroy, the riffs just keep coming. Of all the Metallica albums, this is the one that I listen to the most. Some critics and fans may say that their subsequent albums (Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning) are better but to me this is the truest representation of what Metallica was meant to be. An absolute must-own classic! P.S. Why would they reissue this album and omit two of it’s strongest tracks (Blitzkrieg and Am I Evil)?!?!?!?!?

    Tracks rated 1-10:
    1. Hit the Lights (9.5/10)
    2. The Four Horsemen (11/10)
    3. Motorbreath (9/10)
    4. Jump in the Fire (10/10)
    5. Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) (9/10)
    6. Whiplash (10/10)
    7. Phantom Lord (11/10)
    8. No Remorse (9.5/10)
    9. Seek and Destroy (10/10)
    10. Metal Militia (9/10)

    Posted on December 11, 2009