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Kill to Survive

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  • This will let you know who is growing old or who is staying young by rockin’ out! This was released in 1988. It took me a while to find the CD. I wish they wouldn’t have taken the title track off. I guess it was due to the lawsuits against Priest and Ozzy at the time. It has lots of music on some of the tracks. One song has a super drum solo. I can’t think of a band to compare them to. Sorta Metallica, I guess. You would just have to listen to it. I bought the cassette because I liked the cover. Go figure! When I put it in the deck in my car for the first time and the first song started(“Beginning of the End”) my friend and I were happy. I love the song, “Bates Motel”. I know this review won’t be much help but what the heck, buy it anyway if you don’t like it, there is always that auction site to get rid of it!

    Posted on February 23, 2010