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Japanese pressing. Cannibal Corpse’s tenth studio album. Produced by Eric Rutan, the producer of Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal. Victor. 2006.

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  • I have been a HUGE Cannibal Corpse fan since I first picked up “Vile”. That was back in 1997. After having seen them in concert, I still love that album.

    Fast forward to 2006. Only 2 original members remain. They have become the “Incantation” or “Malevolent Creation” of this era, recycling/axing/adding previous members and new members alike. Most bands suffer or at least their sound drastically changes from album to album. Not so with the case of Cannibal Corpse. Seeing as how the 2 original members, Paul Mazurkiewicz and Alex Webster, and “Gallery of Suicide” newcomer Pat O’Brien wrote most of the music, the sound got BETTER.

    The Chris Barnes’ era music was simple. Then, with the two aforementioned members writing more music, “The Bleeding” became a better album. Like most of the Chris Barnes’ era music, the first half of the album was great, the second half sucked. Once Corpsegrinder came on, the music got a lot better.

    “Bloodthirst” and Gore Obsessed followed to similar of song structures. “Vile” and “Gallery of Suicide” were very good albums, the latter being underrated. “The Wretched Spawn” started having more variation in the song structure, but the production of the last 3 albums has been HORRIBLE. The double bass sounds like paper.

    Since Erik Rutan produced this album, I expected nothing short of great. I believe we got close. The drums and bass sound similar to “Conquering the Throne” by Hate Eternal. The riffing; however, is very Cannibal but very different. Just listen to “Purification by Fire” and you will know what I mean.

    No, this album isn’t perfect…the drums can use some inspiration for better fills, and the guitars could be a little more razor-sounding, but the vocals are some of the best Corpsegrinder has EVER produced. He is finally able to annunciate his words perfectly and still have that deep growl. I am very impressed, as always, with the drum and bass work.

    Overall, I would give this a 4.5, solely based on the fact that some of the songs do sound recycled, but I am glad I picked this up, and find it worthy to be placed in my Cannibal Corpse collection.

    Posted on December 11, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Cannibal Corpse is back and as foul as ever. It’s been a couple years since “The Wretched Spawn” but the wait was well worth it. Along with most records these days, “Kill” seems to get better and better the more you listen to it. From the opening track “The Time to Kill is Now” to the closer “Infinite Misery” there is nothing but non-stop speed and death that doesn’t dissapoint. You are hard pressed to find a track on this album that isn’t just plain nasty. Fast gutiars, earthy bass, machine gun drums and creature like vocals: recipe for mayhem. If you need to add a new death metal album to your collection…”Kill”!!!

    Posted on December 11, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • With a scorching riff, a pounding, jackhammer rhythm, and a high-pitched, ear drum-piercing shriek of “Kill!” from frontman George Fisher, “The Time To Kill Is Now” begins Cannibal Corpse’s new album. Make no mistake: they’re back, and they’re definitely as malevolent and unrepentant as they’ve ever been.

    Love `em or hate `em, you should at least give CC props for one thing. It isn’t every day that you’ll find a band who, even with nine studio lengths under its belt, can still manage to create a ton of new, superb, brutal, catchy riffs (including some of these guitarists’ best riffs to date), and violent, offensive lyrics to produce yet another batch of memorable, bludgeoning songs. In fact, this might be the heaviest and most uncompromising release of Cannibal Corpse’s career thus far. Every crushing song on here (aside from the slowly grinding instrumental at the end) has a blood-pumping tempo and is jam-packed with super heavy, nimble-fingered guitar shredding and skillful, punishing drum work to build massive, impenetrable rhythms. Then George’s deep, evil, mostly unintelligible vocals (which compliment the music perfectly) top the songs off and make them complete.

    “Kill” might not knock down any strictly new walls, but this type of music doesn’t have much ground left for CC (or death metal band, for that matter) to cover. Plus, Cannibal Corpse have a niche (they’ve been in it for the past seventeen-some years), and they’ve built a well-known name for themselves by making music like this, so if they ever made any kind of music without almost all of their patented ingredients, they wouldn’t really be Cannibal Corpse anymore.

    “Purification By Fire,” with blistering guitar riffs and rapid, thunderous double kick drums, is a skull cracking song and maybe the best of the bunch (aside from the previously mentioned “The Time To Kill Is Now”). “Brain Removal Device” and “Maniacal” have walls of insanely fast, careening guitars and more walloping drums. The surprisingly long and ripping guitar solos on “Necrosadistic Warning” and “Barbaric Bludgeonings,” and “The Discipline Of Revenge,” which is where skinsman Paul Mazurkiewicz really gets his moment in the spotlight (by unleashing a remarkably fast and talented blast beat), are a few other highpoints.

    Some of the album blends together since most of it’s equally fast and hard hitting, thus making “Kill” not the classic that some past Corpse releases (e.g. “The Bleeding”) were. But “Kill” is definitely a keeper because you’ll enjoy it substantially more with repeated listens, and you should usually find something new to enjoy (something which had previously gone unnoticed). Plus, there are a few soon-to-be genre classics and concert favorites on here. So, all in all, this is a very good, completely solid, and fairly awesome disc (the best of Cannibal Corpse’s past ten or more years). And it makes for numerous, highly satisfying and entertaining listening and headbanging sessions, so it’s very worthy of your time and money if you enjoy (or are new to) the band and/or death metal.

    Posted on December 11, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I might be the first ever girl to review a Cannibal Corpse album here, but I have been a fan of there’s for 5 years now..I own all their cd’s, must say they are my favourite band.

    my Favourite album is KILL..Killer album from the second you put it on..If a girl is telling you how good this band/album is you must go out and buy KILL, if your 2006 cd collection dosen’t own this , GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on December 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Once again, Cannibal Corpse show that they are one of the greatest death metal bands EVER. Great title to an album, because “KILL” is exactly what they do here… again! Good album, go & get it if you havent already.. & by the way, dont listen to the stupid idiotic, & downright pointless reviews of “HYDONYMOUS.” This a$$clown gives nothing but bad reviews to death metal just because he doesnt listen to it, calling it pointless noise & that anyone who listens to it has their musical tases “SERIOUSLY WARPED!” He pretty much insulted anyone who listens to death metal. He said the EXACT same thing on every other Corpse album, so I’m sure the dumbf##k will be on here to do it to this album too. He is an idiot, & I hope he gets herpes. Anyway, its a good CC album through & through.

    Posted on December 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now