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  • Once again, Cannibal Corpse show that they are one of the greatest death metal bands EVER. Great title to an album, because “KILL” is exactly what they do here… again! Good album, go & get it if you havent already.. & by the way, dont listen to the stupid idiotic, & downright pointless reviews of “HYDONYMOUS.” This a$$clown gives nothing but bad reviews to death metal just because he doesnt listen to it, calling it pointless noise & that anyone who listens to it has their musical tases “SERIOUSLY WARPED!” He pretty much insulted anyone who listens to death metal. He said the EXACT same thing on every other Corpse album, so I’m sure the dumbf##k will be on here to do it to this album too. He is an idiot, & I hope he gets herpes. Anyway, its a good CC album through & through.

    Posted on December 10, 2009