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Killing Technology

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  • …it is an absolute, unadulterated WORK OF ART. Here, the band proves they are/were the best thrash metal band of all time. I would say this is Voivod’s best album, and it’s a great place for new fans. Snake, Blacky, Away, and of course Piggy (R.I.P.) are in top form here. Best song is the title track.
    1. Killing Technology 6/5
    2. Overreaction 5/5
    3. Tornado 5/5
    4. Too Scared To Scream 5/5
    5. Forgotten In Space 5/5
    6. Ravenous Medicine 5/5
    7. Order Of Blackguards 5/5
    8. This Is Not An Exercise 5/5
    9. Cockroaches 5/5

    R.I.P. Denis “Piggy” D’Amour
    1959 – 2005

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  • Back in ‘88, with their 4th LP “Dimension Hatross”, Voivod usurped Celtic Frost’s throne as THE pioneers in avant-garde heavy metal. But “Killing Technology” came close to doing it a year earlier against Frost’s “Into the Pandemonium”.This album has all of the aggression of their earlier works, and the technical proficiency of later releases. With more intricate guitar-work and intense percussion than you will hear in music with this much raw energy. If you’re interested in which albums have had the most impact on metal; this is a must.

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  • With ‘War and Pain’ and ‘Rrrooorrr’ (is that enough r’s?) Voivod were a pretty typical thrash band that would be found on the heavy labels of the day like Combat, Megaforce, Metal Blade, Noise, etc. They wore the leather and spikes, played heavy and fast, and sang about death and ways to die and such. Not being native English speakers, Voivod’s lyrics were often awkward in the early days also. But ‘Killing Technology’ is the turning point. The strides made from ‘Rrrroooarrr’ are amazing. Their progressive tendencies begin to show, especially on one of my all-time favorites, ‘Forgotten in Space.’ This is the first of Voivod’s three brilliant albums in a row in my opinion along with ‘Dimension Hatross’ and ‘Nothingface.’

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  • Poor Voivod. They’re gonna wind up being one of those bands like the MC5, too far out to be appreciated in their day, having to settle for being “influential” but never breaking through or making any money. It’ll take several years before people really start acknowledging them appropriately.
    For me, this is the ultimate Voivod record. Earlier albums “War and Pain” and “Rooooooaaar” were HEAVY, crazed and iconoclastic, but only hinting at the synapse-destroying, dissonant bizarre-ities they were capable of. For one glorious analog moment, their thrash roots were cheek-to-jowl with their more self-indulgent ambitions — put that baby in the supercollider and you get Killing Technology. They were still breathing flames sonically, and their more cerebral leanings hadn’t yet taken over (I’m not so much a fan of their most popular record, Nothingface — the edges are too polished and I like them better when they shoot razors). If you love Voivod, this is the record you should marry.

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  • Killing Technology was Montreal based Voivod’s third album and the one where their sound became fully realized. The first two albums were good, but marred by muddy sound and the songwriting wasn’t quite there yet. On KT they nailed it. When this came out in 1987 the only other band that was as heavy was Kreator. But Voivod were different in their use of really ugly dissonant chords and almost progressive structures all within an extremely brutal thrash context.

    Lyrically Killing Technology is very dark and science fiction themed, something Voivod would explore quite a bit on later albums. The songs are about man’s destruction or enslavement by his own technology or a world out of balance. For example, Forgotten in Space is about a jail ship full of prisoners both criminal and political blasted out into space to an unknown fate. Ravenous Medicine is about being used in Mengele type medical experiments as a human guinea pig and Tornado is about weather with a vendetta. When combined with the dark thrashing music of Piggy (guitar), Blacky (bass) and Away (drums), Snakes lyrics become the soundtrack to a technological apocalypse, the true soundtrack to the Terminator.

    Voivod continued their science fiction oriented thrash sound on their brilliant follow up album Dimension Hatross but on subsequent albums they gradually cleaned up their sound. On Killing Technology they play at their gritty, grinding and noisy best. Killing Technology is a claustrophobic and paranoid masterpiece. It’s a great album from one of the most original bands in metal and truly deserves to be called a classic.

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