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Killing Technology

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  • Poor Voivod. They’re gonna wind up being one of those bands like the MC5, too far out to be appreciated in their day, having to settle for being “influential” but never breaking through or making any money. It’ll take several years before people really start acknowledging them appropriately.
    For me, this is the ultimate Voivod record. Earlier albums “War and Pain” and “Rooooooaaar” were HEAVY, crazed and iconoclastic, but only hinting at the synapse-destroying, dissonant bizarre-ities they were capable of. For one glorious analog moment, their thrash roots were cheek-to-jowl with their more self-indulgent ambitions — put that baby in the supercollider and you get Killing Technology. They were still breathing flames sonically, and their more cerebral leanings hadn’t yet taken over (I’m not so much a fan of their most popular record, Nothingface — the edges are too polished and I like them better when they shoot razors). If you love Voivod, this is the record you should marry.

    Posted on February 4, 2010