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Killing with a Smile

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  • I have heard many metalcore/Hardcore bands around, and i would have to say Parkway Drive is my favourite by far. The sound is unique and every song has something different and catchy about it. Although every song on the Cd is sensationable, i would have to rate there best song is “A Cold Day In Hell”

    For those who have recently purchased this Cd and would like to know more about Parkways music, They also have 3 Other ep’s. They have a EP entitled “Don’t Close Your Eyes” This EP has 8 tracks, including the original “Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em”

    Parkway also have 2 older EP’s, one entitled “Parkway Drive & I Killed The Prom Queen Split”, only having 2 songs on it, aswell as another split EP with “Think Straight” aswell as “Shoot To Kill”, this EP is entitled “What We’ve Built” and includes 3 songs. These 2 EP’s are rare and more difficult to find than “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

    Although Parkway have an enormous amount of tallent throughout all there music, “Killing With A Smile” would be their standout Cd up to date.

    My biggest advice to you is to purchase this cd and give it a try, you will definately not be dissapointed.

    Posted on February 8, 2010